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Salvador Moreno Valencia


Tel: [---------]

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Collective Exhibitions

December 2000. Between Plants, Art in Levels organised by the Department of Youth, The Council of Malaga.

September 2000. Painters Rondeños in Vanguard Foundation Unicaja, Delegation of Culture HE Aytmo of Round.

From June to September 2000. Participates in Nomads, Exhibition organised by the Department of Youth of the county council of Malaga.

October 1999. Art Gallery Toranto. Barcelona.


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Salvador Moreno Valencia


Tel: [---------]

E-mail: [-]

Collective Exhibitions

December 2000. Between Plants, Art in Levels organised by the Department of Youth, The Council of Malaga.

September 2000. Painters Rondeños in Vanguard Foundation Unicaja, Delegation of Culture HE Aytmo of Round.

From June to September 2000. Participates in Nomads, Exhibition organised by the Department of Youth of the county council of Malaga.

October 1999. Art Gallery Toranto. Barcelona.

September 1999. Alva Art Gallery Eno. Round.

September 1999. "The Triangle" Hotel Husa Queen Victoria. Round.

Marzo1999. Presentation Guide to Art 98 at the Art Gallery Box, Barcelona.

February 1999. "Art and Society: plurality and understanding. Espais d'Art ACEA'S, Barcelona.

February 1999. "Rake" in the Hotel Melia Lebreros Seville.

February 1999. 1 st Art Onírico, Cic Espais d'art d'Oros, Avda Diagonal, NCB.

September 1998. Art Gallery in Saliecis Paul Klee, Cuenca.

May 1998. 10 Artists Federation ACEA, Exhibition Hall of ACEA, Promoting Artists, Barcelona.

May 1998. XXV Anniversaire Batik II International Exhibition ACEA, Palais des Rois de Majorque, Perpignan, France.

May 1998. 42 International Exhibition D'Arts Plastiques de la Villa de Berziers, France.

March 1998. Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, Delegation of Fuengirola, Casa de la Cultura of Fuengirola.

February 1998. Market Art in the Hotel Los Lebreros Seville, for the benefit of the Association New Future.

Diciembre1997. Art Market from day 28 to January 8, at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Grenada.

December 1997. The Art Market at the Centro Cultural Universitario House Porras, Grenada.

August 1997. Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, in the Castle Hotel in Santa Clara, Torremolinos.

April 1997. Congress and Exhibition Center of Estepona.

September 1996. Painters Rondeños. Exhibition Hall of the City Council Round

August 1996. Gallery La Tertulia, Ubrique, Cadiz.

January 1996. Collective [-].R. Casa de la Cultura de Ronda.

December 1995. Collective [-].R. Casa de la Cultura de Ronda.

November 1995. Collective [-].R. Casa de la Cultura de Ronda.

September 1995. Painters Rondeños. Exhibition Hall of the Municipality of Ronda.

September 1994. Painters Rondeños. Casa de la Cultura de Ronda.

June 1994. Collective [-].R. Casa de la Cultura de Ronda.

May 1994. Painters Rondeños the benefit of the Organization Manos Unidas. Exhibition Hall Unicaja Round.

November 1993, Fan 1. Casa de la Cultura de Ronda.

June 1993, Collective [-].R. Casa de la Cultura de Ronda.

June 1992, Collective [-].R. Casa de la Cultura de Ronda.

Individual Exhibition

April 2006. Art Gallery RU-M, Fuengirola.

February 2002. Relax Restaurant, Round.

May 2001. Coffee without name, Madrid.

January 2001. Tavern Uncle Vinegar, Madrid

May 2000. Coffee Pub Floor, Round

March 1999. Zaidín Brewery, Round

February 1999. ACEA'S, Barcelona

February 1998. School Readiness Mothers of the NGO SOS Children's Villages in the city of Grenada

January 1998. The Córrala Santiago, Office of Cultural Secretariat, Office of the Vice President for University Extension and Training Own, University of Granada.

October 1997. Harén Archimedes, Grenada.

September 1997. Euroart 97, salon Contemporary Artists Independent Drasanes Palace, Barcelona

June 1997. Recycle Classroom Culture, Madrid.

May 1997. Zaidín Brewery, Round.

February 1997. The Gallery Good Government, Grenada.

January 1997. Zaidín Brewery, Round.

October-November 1996. Exhibition Hall Posada del Potro de Cordoba.

September 1996. Exhibition Hall of Unicaja, Jerez.

August 1996. Gallery La Tertulia, Ubrique, Cadiz.

August 1996. House of the tenth, Tandil, Buenos Aires.

June 1996. Gallery La Tertulia, Ubrique, Cadiz.

May 1996. Casa de la Cultura de Ronda.

March 1996. Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires.

April 1995. Casa de la Cultura de Ronda.

November 1994. Exhibition Hall of Unicaja, Round.

Prizes Obtained

2000. 1 º Prize Art Center.

1998. 3 rd Prize I Certamen video harem of Archimedes of Grenada.

1998. Bronze Medal at the International Exhibition 42 D'Arts Plastiques of the town of Beziers, organized by the Society of Fine Arts, France. 1996.

1996. 2 nd Prize, 2 Certamen painting outdoor Round.

1995. 1 º Award, 1 Certamen painting outdoor Round.

Contests in which he has submitted his Work

1998. 42 International Exhibition D'Arts Plastiques of the town of Beziers, organized by the Society of Fine Arts, France.

1998. Selected in the V Art Contest Royal Premier, Torremolinos, Malaga.

1998. VI Painting Contest town of Zahara, Cadiz

1997. The University of Philosophy in Lisbon, select the book "transgender" to announce the Conference on Religion in the University.

1997. IV Painting Contest town of Zahara, Cadiz.

1996. V Painting Contest town of Zahara, Cadiz.

1996. XLVII Certamen Painting of Gibraleon, Huelva.

1996. Feast of the Olive del Ayuntamiento de Mora, Toledo.

Art fairs in which it has participated.

July 1999. MAC21, International Fair of Contemporary Art, Palace exhibition RENFE South Malaga.

September 1997. Euroart 97, Hall Contemporary Artists Independent Drasanes Palace, Barcelona.

Associations of Art to which it belongs.

He is a member of the Group and creator Wat 69 formed in February 1997 in the city of Grenada.

1997 is part of the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors, with the number of partner: 2,763.

1997 is part of Serveis ACEA, promoting artists from Barcelona, with the number of partner 1,244.

- Member of the Association of Plastic Artists "Goya-Aragon." Zaragoza

- Member of Espai Vaho "Leonardo da Vinci Academy of Arts NCB

- Member of Association Aragonesa, Opera, Acoustics, Plastic. Teruel

- Member of Plastic Artists Association. Burgos

Member-Craft Cultural Association. Madrid

- Member of Circolo Artistic-Mario Ferrari. - Acqui Terme, Italy

- Member of Association of Artists' Project Landscape. " Havana. Cuba

- Member of Modern Art Centre of Krasny Ugol. Novosibirsk, Russia

Plastic-member International APLICH America. Santiago de Chile. Chile

- Member Europ `Art Group. Degli Lido Estensi. Italy.

Criticism of Art.

The paintings of Salvador Moreno

Jose Salguero Career

Critical Art

Cordoba Journal

The works of this artist, which can be seen at the inn's colt until the next November 13, fall squarely on the concepts of art today, but when we say "today" we are not talking about a specific time frame, but rather a time, ours. This era is characterized by a custom individualism rooted in the deepest experience of artists, in other words, this only leads to the table what you feel through a plastic free expression. The table so humanizes, it is entirely personal, but at the same time, it becomes difficult to understand, given that when the work is a pure reflection of these intimate experiences becomes more human, but at the same time more incomprehensible.

In Salvador Moreno is a very spontaneity executive and determined, using almost bocajarro chromatic values. All of this reveals a very psychological energy burden, which makes it bounce as the colors on the canvas.

The simplicity of some of them reach the end of a mini language in terms of their expression and meaning. There is a poetic colorist somewhat strange, but highly original staff, along with one way or handling of the harmonic conjunction quite simply and quickly. The procedure and how to treat it is fast and executive.

It is also true that there is a signologia, a kind of signs and forms, which gives the work a particular problem which is exacerbated by the very strong pastosidades what color, color. This here, plays a vital and important role. Some of his paintings us the impression of something "gesture" which is a gesture made by the plastic artist on the surface of the canvas, an act full of vivacity that conveys a meaning to the table full of suggestions, suggestions likely to be different each viewer or contemplador according to the sensitivity of each.

There is also a kind of abstraction signológica, ie use of lines, curves and circles which are a linear language through which to express this artist. The coloring is sometimes spasmodic, slashing as violent. In other works, however we reflects a great peace and tranquility.

But what it is unquestionable is that these pictures are something living, feeling and needs the author has lived and performed with great ease, it seems that looking like a certain poetry in everything that has meaning, these pictures are more of a language spirit that releasing the material and purely objective, has sought the essence.

The painting Rondeña

In Buenos Aires.

The collective cultural Giner de los Rios "sent to Buenos Aires, through its embassy in Spain.

An exhibition of the author Salva Moreno Valencia.

The exhibition comprises 27 works in pastels, charcoal, watercolor and wax.

Along with this exhibition of the works of Salvador Moreno Valencia will be presented at the Institute of Anthropology at the Ministry of Culture and the House of Tenth in the city of Tandil number 1 of the collection of decimista Hispanic-American Payadores Argentinos " aired on C Circle in the Round of Artists in the presence of His Excellency Ambassador to Spain.

Later this exhibition moved to other rooms where you can be enjoyed by different public.

Round information.

Round Information

Ana Maria Marin

With the title of Rational and irrational, it redisplays the work of this young artist, who is stepping forcefully in the art world.

His journey into Fan, representative sample of painters Round, as demonstrated again and again in a new sample at Unicaja. The painting of Salva Moreno Valencia is a great impetus expressive, underlined the strength of color, which flooded every table in a very personal way of looking at art, not always conform to the canons default. Intensity in pisajes, which are viewed as a broad-brush, which will make the surface of the painting.

Salvador Moreno, the adequacy formal.

Amparo Gonzalez Molina

Journal Cordoba.

Night, day, life, loneliness, evolution, dream, freedom, these are the keys, it reveals, for the semantic interpretation of the collection of works by Salvador Moreno, painter rondeño, which advocates the development of the interrelationship with plastic the emotional universe of poetry.

This linkage between the arts is not new, however, allows artists to develop their indiosincracia, according to their personal preferences, without having to be decided by the membership of a movement.

The result is a heterogeneous sample, in which both the technical and style vary with the work, without being defined by either.

Nonetheless, a common background of involvement, commitment, between form and meaning, puts together the hallmark for the global language, which is nothing other than the constantly changing, adapting each formula technical interpretations of specific reason.

Generally speaking, precedence abstraction, surrealism and the essentiality, but some also contain features expressionist paintings, calligraphic simbolistas and elements. One painting, certainly connotations rather than meanings, whose ethical principles are the foundation of the aesthetic, but not an end.

Fields intense color that matizan and overlap, funds with binders and rapaduras, on the contour of a pure silhouette defined by clean shapes, faces matéricos and gestural, spot colors or gradados serving environment Apochraphal beings, bodies reinterpreted by the illusion of a dream, run counter to marine embravecidas, full of seagulls, to a night view of a dark sea or cleaning doves flying between barbed wire, with the distinctive style that gives it a speculative drive, which uses so different materials and colors, opposing, juxtaposed, always changing tones and forms, in an attempt to structure compositions in harmony with their state of inspiration. It is seeking a subjective representation of ideas and concepts through plastic sensations, but choosing in each case the formula suitable for the referent.

South Malaga

Julia Toledo

On day 13 was opened in the floor of the house of Culture Round exposure of the young artist rondeño, Salva Moreno Valencia. This sample collection under the title of Message and Color makes a journey through the different stages of life by combining a given colour to the more we want to offer.

Similarly, in the middle of the room that is holding the exhibition, the artist is doing over the seven days that lasts a facility with the same symbolism ever done differently and with different materials extracted from nature.

Round Information

Ana Maria Marin

In the Exhibition Hall of the Foundation for Unicaja Round has described the artwork of Salva Moreno Valencia. The exhibition will remain open to the public from 15 to November 30 with the normal schedule of the Chamber. The path of this young author starts at 1,990 at the School of Art Association APAR Assists in several group shows, I noted The Fan, held in aid of Hands and others.

Any Salva Moreno's work reflects a passion befitting their character. Each canvas has the inner strength, passion and personality. In the works exhibited there is a clear trend since most realistic where other premium abstraction. According to the author himself, his brushes walk increasingly towards a desire for communication through a painting simpler, fleeing the reminiscences realistic. The love of nature is reflected in every stroke, perhaps by desire to merge with it. Thus the reason most often depicted in his paintings are almonds, which explode into a thousand lights and colors. This also makes catching the sunrise near the sea and for the breadth of fields of sunflowers.

The work of Save Moreno Valencia has always reminded Van Gogh. The strength of their colors, broad brushstrokes, the breadth of his paintings and all of the universe personnel in each reflects. However Salva Moreno Valencia are not familiar with the great master of impressionism. Striking a self powerfully, where the shades of red flooded the entire composition. The rationale is clear, the very nature of the artist, this desire to create, to play with new forms, all according to their way of understanding the artistic creation.

That taste gets reflected in the latest tables Salva Moreno, the reasons become simplified and become more cerebral.

All works of this young author can be described as vital, full of arrogance and expressive force, as a window open to the public.

Vincent Bolós.

Professor of Drawing.

Founder of the Association For the Art in Round.

Director of the School of Art Round.

Art. Easy it is to write Art!. Offensive For it is never suffer lawsuits. And it may be well with the artists. Y. .. I asked to write "something" about an exhibition of paintings. Y. .. Is a friend; IS THE TIME.

With this verse begins and involves exposure to full of symbols, consisting of ten boxes 1 x1 metres.

THE TIME IS ... (Verse end) to decide whether to make a review, criticism or write the truth.

Opto for Truth. But what is the truth?. Never has been written but can someone comes to write. So far all write their truth.

Salvador Moreno Valencia also paint their truth, the current time and all want to change tomorrow.

It makes me pause to think whether this will be the truth, the only one.

What is the purpose of his paintings?. Why does from the Poetry?. Or poetry from the tables?. Are all a set but they are all different, changing, like life, but form a whole . Is it a presentation today to remember the ayeres and the future ... ?

As the expression of humanity Art of Being, when used as a vehicle for this painting with color, symbols, etc.. And poetry united thought, inquiry, change, evolution and other feelings of love, joy, sorrow, etc.. We have a record of coming to terms today we / us how to live.

It is not a complaint resented by the current state of society, is the majority society, heartfelt poetry, colour and symbols.

I do not know if this will be the truth of others, but it is mine, What is difficult to write TRUTH

They also reflect the society through art.

SALVA But for the moment tells us the truth of their society. It's his contribution.


Guide Art 98. Art 85 S.L


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